The Joy of Having Clean Water


What an incredible day . . . meeting all these beautiful women!!! When we arrived, they popped up from everywhere, dancing down the path to the water well. It was time to dedicate this “miracle” that had been given to them. One lady exclaimed, “Every day we walked for four or more hours. For me, I am old and weak. So I would walk a bit and rest, and then walk a bit more and rest. Every day that is what I did. Some women couldn’t do it, but the Lord heard us and used you people to help us! This water has made people in our community give their lives to Jesus . . . just because of water!”

Much thanks for every well! We are now about to drill our 21st well! One deep well costs $10,000 and provides clean water for an entire community of over 500 people.

IMG_3989 2.jpg
Betty McLelland