Love for the Powerless


Sylvia has been raising her granddaughter, Clare, since she was a baby, and it has not always been easy. Despite her deep love for this little girl, Sylvia has struggled to provide many of the things Clare has needed. That’s why she was overjoyed last year when she was told that someone in the US was going to sponsor Clare’s education. Sylvia knew this was something she could never do.

Several weeks ago, Sylvia experienced another hurdle in taking care of Clare. She was in her garden when she heard Clare screaming. After throwing down her hoe, she ran as fast as she could to their home where Clare had been bitten by a wild dog. Clare now had a deep, jagged wound and could possibly have rabies.

Sylvia knew that Clare would need immediate medical attention. So she rushed into their hut and retrieved the only money she had. It was equivalent to six dollars. She then grabbed Clare and was about to jump on a motorbike when she learned that the government clinic was out of medicine. That’s when she felt another surge of panic. Her only option was a private clinic, and she didn’t have enough money for that.

In desperation, Sylvia made her way to the EWT Center, and we immediately responded by taking Clare to the private clinic that Sylvia couldn’t afford. Thirty minutes later, Clare was given her first dose of treatment, and Sylvia was visibly relieved.

As we drove away from the clinic, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would have felt if I had been Sylvia, or any other parent who was powerless to take care of their child’s medical needs. I thought about how painful it would be to see your child suffer or even die, and know that it could have been prevented if you just had a few dollars.

I thank God for what we were able to do for Clare, and for all the children we have been able to help along the way. And more than ever, I feel compelled to be the love of Jesus to those who are powerless and in need.

In Him,

Betty Jo McLelland

Betty McLelland