Our Core Values


The following values are our deeply held beliefs that guide who we strive to be:


1.     We depend on God   We believe that we are utterly dependent on God for the effectiveness of this ministry. He is the source of our hope, strength, guidance, provision, and impact. Our role is to be faithful, committed, and obedient to Him.


2.     We are passionate, committed, and driven   We value a strong desire to make it happen and believe that anything is possible with God. Terms like “It can’t be done” are not part of our vocabulary if we believe that God has called us to something.


3.     We are humble and lead as a servant   We value humble leadership as the most effective model. Jesus explained to his followers that the practice of leadership was to be different from the self-seeking, self-serving, domineering leadership often found in the world. Therefore we seek to serve others and follow the example of Jesus.


4.     We are honest and live a life of integrity   We act honestly, not compromising the truth. We believe in telling the truth all the time and adhering to the highest standard of moral conduct. What we believe, what we do, and what we say should always be consistent in both our personal lives and ministry. We believe in doing the right thing, no matter how difficult it might be.


5.     We do more for less   We don’t waste resources and believe that it is our responsibility as God’s stewards to make every dollar (shilling) that has been entrusted to us have the greatest impact. Therefore, we take responsibility for using our resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being open and accountable to partners.


6.     We show gratitude   We believe in giving thanks and appreciation for all that God and others have done for us. Knowing that an attitude of gratitude is key to a positive work environment and a joyful life, we appreciate what is already there and don’t dwell on what we lack.


7.     We have fun and enjoy work   We believe in bringing “life” to the ministry. We don’t believe that fun at work takes away from productivity- we believe it increases it. We work hard and enjoy it. We respect one another and make work an enjoyable environment.


8.     We embrace empowered self-sustainability   We believe in creating opportunities for those in need to care for themselves and their families rather than perpetuating crippling dependency.