Livelihood Empowerment


We help people become self-sustaining

After twenty years of struggling in far out locations (remote villages) where there has been no market, few tools, little training, and a lack of affordable seeds, farming families are now full of hope that they will one day become self-sustaining. We have no doubt that this is happening as God shows us the way.

Our Farming Project

We took our first step to help families with livelihood empowerment in March of 2017. We focused on training 188 farmers to grow ginger as part of our Pilot Farming Project. We selected our farmers from those who had advanced the furthest in our Discipleship Program. All of them had shown great growth and commitment to God's Word for over three years and could easily form co-ops from their Bible study clusters. Partnering organizations have since described them as the most cohesive, united groups they have ever worked with. Surely it has been the result of sharing God's Word and life together.

In 2018, our project expanded to 500 farming families, and this year we have grown to 900 families who are either growing soybeans or sunflower. Please pray as we look to God and believe there are incredible possibilities and opportunities in the days ahead.

Help Farming Families


Your gift will provide seeds, tools, and training to help farming families become self-sustaining.