Leadership Training


We are deeply committed to serving pastors and ministry leaders by helping them grow in their knowledge of God's Word. Ultimately, we strive to help them develop intentional learning environments that will ground their people in the Word and ways of Christ.

The Challenge

The challenge is that many pastors and Christian leaders in Uganda are filled with passion but have little training and few resources available to them. Over 90% have had no theological training. They are pleading for help as they seek to grow and more accurately handle the Word of God. Such training is critical as it will have significant impact on their churches and communities.

The Partnership

EWT is providing biblical resources and training to pastors and Christian leaders in our target communities. Our goal is to equip them to make disciples and care for their people.

Our Strategy includes:

  1. Ongoing discipleship training/mentoring

  2. Bible School (three-year module format)

  3. Library/Resource Center

  4. Conferences

How You Can Help