Community Discipleship


Community Discipleship is the keystone of our Discipleship Program. We are seeing it grow deep and wide as God is doing amazing work in the hearts of the people through the study of His Word.

Our Partnership with Pastors and Church Leaders

We train pastors and Christian leaders to run the Community Discipleship Program. We begin by teaching them how to intentionally teach their people about the Word of God. We provide the study materials and help with the organization of the people into clusters so that they can experience an interactive study that will have the highest impact on their lives. The pastors and leaders have been full of zeal to grow and learn so that they can better teach their people to understand and live out the teachings of Christ.

Our Method of Teaching

We are using a method called "Chronological Bible Storying." Just as the name implies, it involves telling biblical stories in the order they happened and connecting them together to create the larger narrative of God’s message and plan to man. We have been amazed by the talent and commitment of the people. They are memorizing, telling, singing, and explaining stories so others can believe and know how great their God is.

Transformed Lives

This study of God’s Word has transformed countless lives. It has also cut across denominational lines and united the people in a way that they had never experienced before. Not only is it having tremendous impact on their communities, it is causing them to reach out to other surrounding communities. People are testifying how learning God’s Word has completely changed their lives.


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How You Can Help

  1. Please pray that God would continue to fan the flames of discipleship in the hearts and lives of the people . . . that it would continue to grow deep and wide throughout the region of Northern Uganda. . . and that those who are disciples would make other disciples.

  2. Give to provide the resources and training for the growing number of people.


Meet some of our disciples . . .