Where We Work


Northern Uganda

The Years of Violence

For nearly twenty years, the people of Northern Uganda were terrorized by an unspeakably brutal war.  An evil man, named Joseph Kony, led his Lord’s Resistance Army to loot and burn villages throughout the region and mutilate and kill civilians wherever he went.  Many of his soldiers were child victims, whom he abducted and then forced to kill even their families and closest friends. It is estimated that 30,000 to 60,000 children lost their childhoods after being taken captive. The boys became soldiers and the girls were made into sex slaves for Kony’s men.

It is hard to perceive the daily fear that the people felt, knowing that at any time they could be killed or abducted.  Many lived in bushes at night, trying to protect their children. More than 40,000 mothers and their children, called “Night Commuters," walked every night into the main towns for refuge and then at daybreak trudged the long distances back home. The vast majority, nearly two million people, were forced to live in poorly protected refugee camps where disease, hunger, and violence ran rampant. It was a life of total misery and hopelessness.


Time to Rebuild

The horror ended in 2006, but it has left Northern Uganda’s population devastated. The number of orphans is astounding, as is the destruction of the communities where the people lived. Survivors were told to go back to their villages, but when they did, they found that their homes had been destroyed and the economy had collapsed. The community infrastructure did not exist. Simple things like clean drinking water, schools, health centers and income opportunities were inaccessible to them.

Equipping With Truth has moved our headquarters to Lira, Northern Uganda. We are currently working to establish and build our center, with a dream that it will one day be a hub that will serve people all over Northern Uganda. Currently, we are working in five locations where exciting transformation is taking place.

Soweto Slum in Kampala

Kampala is the capital and largest city of Uganda. It has a population of 1.2 million. With one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, the vast majority of the people live in the catastrophic conditions of the slums. Soweto is one of the largest slums where "lack" is the defining word. The children hurt the most and have no hope for a future unless there is some intervention.

The majority of people living in Soweto are from the war-torn zones of Northern Uganda. They came to Kampala seeking refuge during the war, but their lives there have been another kind of war. It is a place characterized by violence, disease and hopelessness.

Equipping With Truth has been working there with children and their families since 2011. They are a testimony of the transformational power of Jesus Christ.