Our Training Center and Office has just been Constructed

Front View of office.jpg

We are so excited over our new building! It is truly a gift from God. And we thank our partners for the funding of $115,000 that has allowed us to have a training room that seats over 150 people; an office for our staff; a large storage room; and a partial basement that serves as a bedroom for our older boys in the children’s home.

Already trainings have been going on and our staff is thrilled to be in their new office. Soon, we will be using half the storage room for training women in tailoring. Everyone is feeling the incredible blessing of this building.

We are also grateful for our new 4-stance latrine. While that might sound less than exciting, it’s really is a big deal for us as we accommodate all the people involved in the activities at our new building.

God has been so good and we could never thank Him enough. One of the things that inspires us most is the generosity He puts in people’s hearts. So much thanks to all of you who made this building a reality for us!

Betty McLelland