900 Farmers Are Planting Soy

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Can you imagine living your entire adult life and not once feeling like you have the power or resources to take care of your family? You can’t provide them with even their most basic needs like adequate food, shelter and clothing. When your children go to school, they are sent home because you can’t pay their tuition. You want to break the chains of poverty for your children, but no matter how much you struggle the obstacles stand there like a stone wall.

That is how so many of our people feel, and their pain is so much more than experiencing lack and frustration. It is about their dignity and a longing to reach the potential God has put in them. One man said it well:

“When I don’t have any food to bring my family, I borrow, mainly from neighbors and friends. I feel ashamed standing before my children when I have nothing to help feed the family. I am not well when I am unemployed. It is terrible.”

We thank God for every step that has been made to economically empower our brothers and sisters in Christ in Northern Uganda. God has been opening doors and teaching all of us how to overcome what seem to be insurmountable odds. When God is with us, nothing is too big. Honestly, there is such a feeling of hope in all of us that God is moving mountains and doing something great!

Since 2017, we have grown from working with 200 farming families to 900. This year we have switched from growing ginger to soybeans and sunflowers. Thankfully our knowledge and networking have been growing, and through a series of connections, we have formed a partnership with Makerere University. Makerere is the largest university in Uganda, with a vast agriculture department. Through our partnership, we are becoming one of their certified farming groups, which will give us much-needed leverage in the market.

We ask that you pray for this project and for our farmers. Please pray that God would grant us His favor and give us wisdom. Above all else, please pray that God’s name would be lifted high and the success of this project would be for the splendor of His name.

Betty McLelland