Kids eagerly await first week of school!!


There is not a crazier and better time of year than the first week of school! The kids are excited and ready to be back with their classmates to begin a new year. For new students, the anxiety is there, but their hearts are celebrating that "this" has finally happened to them. For all our kids, there is an attitude of gratitude for the opportunity that has been given to them. Thank you, sponsors, for making their dream of an education a reality for them.

We also want to say thank you to our dedicated staff! Right now, at this very moment,  they are sprinting around all over the place, delivering school supplies and enrolling kids. They are also buying new shoes, ordering new uniforms, and taking care of all the concerns that our children and their parents have. We appreciate you and all that you do for our children.

Sponsors and staff, we thank you for loving these kids!!!

Betty McLelland