Alex Pedaled 31 Miles for a Bible


To be a pastor without a complete copy of God's Word seems inconceivable. That has been the case of Pastor Alex Okwir. He has served in the church of Northern Uganda for twenty-two years. His only copy of God's Word was missing Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus, as well as several other pages throughout. In Revelation, only chapter seven was intact. Because the members of Alex's congregation didn't have a Bible, they would come to his home and borrow his. Over time, the passing around of this single copy of God's Word was damaged by overuse.

Pastor Alex longed for a complete Bible and so when he heard that EWT was distributing Bibles to church leaders in the Apac Community, he was willing to go to great lengths to obtain one . . . and so he jumped on a bicycle and pedaled 31 miles, one way, to receive the Bible he so desired. According to our staff, "You could hear from his voice, a heart filled with gratitude and praise to God for this gift. You could see from his face, eyes filled with tears of joy."

Thank you Alex for reminding us of the value of God's Word.

Betty McLelland