Telling them how beautiful they are


Everywhere you walk in the villages of Northern Uganda, you see little children. They are such beautiful children. The smiles on their faces make you forget their ragged clothes and all they lack. You just want to hold them and tell them how much God loves them, and how beautifully and wonderfully made they are. No one has ever told them that before.

No matter which family they come from, whether or not their parents are there to care for them, or how their peers rank them, they are precious in the eyes of God. And there is nothing more wonderful than opening their eyes to that fact. There is a message they need to hear . . . a message that needs to be SHOUTED OUT, "Sweet child you are beautifully and wonderfully made by God! You are a trophy of His workmanship and He has a purpose for your life."

Often when people see these children, they struggle to not think, "Where is God in all of this? Why would He allow them to be born into such lives? Why doesn't He do something about their pain and lack?" But the truth is, He does. He does it through you and me. In the process, He not only changes them but He changes us.

Thank you Jesus for all our EWT partners and every child this ministry has touched. It is all because You put Your love in our hearts. It is a love that fills us up!!!

Betty McLelland