500 Farming Families Await Ginger Harvest in November


We are prayerful and excited as the time for our ginger harvest is just six weeks away. Our farming families have all been working hard since spring to ensure that they will have a good harvest . . . and for them, this is so much more than a project. It’s their chance to one day overcome their poverty and become self-sustaining. While this is only a step in the process, it’s the first step they have ever had.

In the past, these families have been subsistent farmers, meaning that all the crops they grew were used for their family’s food consumption. They didn’t have the seeds, tools, training, and market to grow a cash crop, one that they could sell and use to generate income. Living in remote villages and having no savings, they found that these obstacles were just more than they could overcome.

We thank God that we were able to kick off our Pilot Ginger Project with 192 farmers in 2017 and expand the project to 500 this year. Through generous EWT partners, our farmers have received seeds, training, and tools to grow ginger, one of the most profitable spices.

For Joel and Grace, and all our farmers, they are trusting God for His favor and blessings on this project. Their prayer is that they would one day be able to send their children to school and overcome the poverty that has defined them, all to the glory of God.


Please join us in prayer for these farmers and this project, especially that God would bless them with a good harvest and excellent market.

Betty McLelland