The Joy of Receiving God's Word


Recently, several of our staff drove deep into the jungle to attend one of our discipleship groups. They had a supply of Bibles to distribute to those who had worked so hard over the past six months, memorizing Bible stories and Scripture from handout sheets. Imat, a sixty-year-old woman, was one of the recipients.

When Imat received her Bible, she could not contain her joy. With all her might she made a loud ululation (a lively sound only women in Africa can make). She couldn’t believe she held her own copy of God’s Word in her hands.

When Imat was asked why she was so joyous, she replied, “I have the Spirit of God living in me . . . He is my source of joy and now I have His Word!”

Imat is growing in her knowledge of Christ and is discovering the joy of being His follower. Thank you, EWT partners, for providing this precious gift to Imat and so many others, who read, study, and cherish the “light” that has been given to them.

Betty McLelland