Janet Is Full of Hope


Janet lost her husband during the Joseph Kony War. Rebels raided her home and abducted her husband, only to torture and kill him. Janet suffered for years from the trauma and lived “in worries” on how she would raise her five children alone in the midst of all the loss and devastation.

Today, Janet smiles as she says, “After all my years of hopelessness, God worked for me and my family by directing the feet of EWT to my home through child sponsorship. My son, Emmanuel, is at school and able to read and write. This term he was the best in his class. Joy fills my heart for what God has done.”

Janet continues, “God has helped me and taught me so much about His Word through discipleship. I have been studying for three years. Putting His Word in my heart has made me grow daily in His ways and my worries are gone.”                  

Janet is also one of our farmers in the Ginger Project. She couldn’t contain her excitement as she describes what this will mean to her family. She says, “I do expect to fetch enough to send my other children to school and have a future for all of them. I thank God for all this good plan He has for my family.”

We give thanks to God for Janet, believing that she will be a testimony of His love and goodness all the days of her life. . . and we give praise for all the “Janets” who have been transformed through His power, grace, and love.

Betty McLelland