6 Water Wells Drilled in 2018

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Water is so much a part of our lives that we don’t think about it. There is no “wow” in the morning when we flush the toilet or stand under a hot shower. Hardly ever do we think, “Now that is a real convenience.” We turn on the tap to get a drink and flip a switch to turn on our dishwasher. Our only challenge with water is making ourselves drink enough of it. But water is a lot like our health. We don’t know how precious it is until we don’t have it.

The people in many of our villages know how precious water is because they don’t have it. It’s a lack that controls their everyday existence. The women wake up every morning knowing what they have to do that day . . . walk miles and stand in long lines to pump enough water to fill their plastic jugs, and then haul their 50-pound containers back home on their heads. Only then can they have a drink of uncontaminated water and cook their family’s food for that day.

We thank God for the wells that have been drilled this year and for all the lives that have been changed. Over 4,000 people have received the gift of clean water, and they are giving God great praise. In the communities where the wells have been drilled, women have their lives back to do other things besides fetch water. Children are not crying from bellyaches because of waterborne diseases. Farmers are reaping a better harvest because they can water their crops, and new businesses, like bricklaying, are being started. For all of them, it’s a miracle in their lives.

Betty McLelland