320 Lives Being Transformed through our Village School


Every time we take a mission team to visit NISSI School, they fall in love with the children and leave without a doubt that the hand of God is on this place. Honestly, it is hard to believe all that God has done for and through this school in the three short years since its beginning under a tree.

Daniel & Timothy

Daniel & Timothy

If you were to go there today, you would see a full-blown primary school with ten classrooms, latrines, additional land, a playground, and nutritious lunches for children to eat. You would see a passionate headmaster, trained teachers, and 320 children dressed in bright uniforms. You would see desks in every classroom, teaching aids on the walls, and textbooks opened and used for instruction.

Even more, you would see proud parents and a community that has been given hope. You would see children who love God and are grateful for the opportunity to go to school. No longer does the status of being poor mean they can’t have an education. Instead, they are kids who are performing so well that they have gained the notice of all the other schools in the district. The kids are speaking outstanding English and are learning how to think. The truth is that none of the town schools want to meet NISSI in a debate.

Daniel and Timothy are two of the outstanding student leaders in the school. They are both from the poorest of families and are under child sponsorship. Yet they were recently invited to preach on the radio because of their leadership, passion, and ability to articulate. We thank God that He has taken their ashes and turned them into garments for His praise.

We want to thank all our EWT partners whom God has used to build this school and change the lives of these children. To all of you, our gratitude is great.

Betty McLelland