Community saturated with witchcraft is being changed by God's Word


Recently we had a banquet for all of our staff celebrating all that God has done. One of our discipleship trainers (Jimmy Joe) stood up and said “FIRE!!!” He was describing the community where he is from. It is also the same community where our EWT Center is located.  


“Fire” was the right word to describe the area as witchdoctors are thickly scattered all around.  As a matter of fact, the chief witchdoctor (the big-daddy of them all) lives directly across from the entrance to our land. He dresses in animal skins and carries out all sorts of rituals and satanic magic to cast and remove spells and curses.  

All of this sounds like bad news, but not according to Jimmy Joe, who says that the wives of 42 wizards in the area are now attending our weekly discipleship trainings and great transformation is taking place.

Jimmy Joe grinned with his toothy smile as he said, “God is changing their hearts, families and communities through the power of His Word. He is bringing unity to this place which is something we have never known. I used to daydream about how to reach these people for Jesus. Now I see God’s movement all around.”

The “fire” that Jimmy Joe is talking about is a stronger and greater power than anything a witchdoctor can conjure up.  He is seeing a manifestation of the power of God.

                                                                   All praise to Him,
                                                                   Betty Jo McLelland

Betty McLelland