Praise Him! Four New Water Wells Have Already Been Drilled This Year


We thank God that already this year, four new water wells have been drilled and thousands of lives have been impacted. In every community where those wells have been drilled, the people will tell you that it is a gift from heaven like they have never seen.

Truly the gift of clean water is a miracle in their lives. It is the first step to economic recovery and the solution to their fight against waterborne diseases, which are the cause of 85% of all child illnesses.

Many of the people will testify that the wells have brought peace and restored their hope that poverty in their communities will one day be eradicated. Farmers can now water their crops; businesses can be started; and women can have their lives back to do other things besides walk long distances hauling heavy jugs of water.

We want to appreciate our Uganda staff, who are doing a great job on the ground implementing our water projects. Recently they were recognized by the district and national government for doing exemplary work that will be long-lasting and self-sustaining.

While we aren’t so concerned about recognition, we are grateful to our staff for working so hard. As a result of their efforts, our communities are taking ownership of their wells; practicing good hygiene and sanitation habits; and caring for their wells so that they will last for the next generation.

Great thanks to our EWT partners who provided these wells. It has changed the daily lives of the people. They know that it is God who moved in your hearts and they give Him all the praise!

Betty McLelland