Pedaling for Clean Water


Danny pedaled away on Saturday (August 12th) and raised over $2,600 for clean drinking water. It all began several months earlier when Danny heard his pastor describe the severe drought and water crisis in Northern Uganda. Danny sat in the service that morning asking God, "What can I do to help?"

Before long, he had his answer. He could pedal his stationary bike to raise funds for clean drinking water. He would "travel" 64 miles, the number of years God had allowed him to live on this earth. Whatever he raised would be used to help drill a deep water well for the suffering people in Northern Uganda.

Danny set the date and began his training, increasing his miles every week. He was expectant, knowing that God was with him in this endeavor, yet the negative, self-defeating thoughts soon entered his mind: "No one will give . . . you won't even get fifty dollars." Danny knew that Satan was behind such thoughts and told him to "get out."  Danny then began to pass out flyers to his family and friends, and his wife posted on Facebook.

Now as Danny looks back, he is overwhelmed by all the support, "All my expectations have been far exceeded by God's plan. I has been such a blessing to me. One day I was training and heard a song about pain and suffering. It reinforced why I was doing this. All glory to God!!!

Betty McLelland