God Has Made a Way for Sarah Through Child Sponsorship

We met Sarah on our first trip to Northern Uganda five years ago. It is hard to forget that moment, as she appeared with a chicken in her arms to present to us.  Little did we know that this would be the beginning of a sweet friendship that would blossom and grow, and that this woman would teach us so much about what it means to trust God in the midst of pain and challenges.

Her biggest challenge came eighteen months ago when her husband (Peter) died. He was a great man of God who impacted countless lives. Not only was he the community pastor, but he was also our best discipleship trainer, moving from village to village teaching people what it means to follow Jesus. His death left a gaping hole for all of us, but for Sarah, her world was turned upside down. In an instant, she was a widow with ten children to care for by herself. How could she find a way when she had been struggling with a lingering illness herself?

When we recently talked to Sarah, she reflected back over the time since Peter’s death and said, “God was there all the time. When He took away my husband, He gave me extra strength and help. I could not believe it. I did not know how I would take care of my children. How could I shift my thinking from my husband to God for help? But I found out, He is my portion, He is enough. I thank God for blessing me so much even if I have to go through difficult times. Peter is with God and that same God is helping me all the time.”


Sarah went on to testify how studying God’s Word had prepared her for Peter’s death. It made her strong and able to push on with hardship.  But she added that God was able to do for her what she could not do for herself. He opened the door for three of her children to go to school through EWT sponsorship. Sarah said, “I felt the goodness of God when my children were chosen and knew that He would take care of me. We were going to be okay. God is making a way for me and my family.”

Sarah’s gratitude is great and she asked to share a word with all of you (EWT Partners in the US). She said “I am so blessed by those who have brought these programs to me and my people. Even at Christmas, my family received a Christmas gift. I had never received a gift in my life. It made me so happy. Please tell the people I really love them and pray for them. I pray that God would use them to open the door for other families like me.”

Betty McLelland