Ginger Project Is Thriving


When we started the Ginger Project in February of this year, it was a complete step of faith. The odds seemed against us as Northern Uganda and much of Eastern Africa had been struggling through a severe drought. In addition to the bad weather conditions, the ginger seeds were expensive and the farmers didn’t have the simple tools they needed to plant and cultivate their crops. For many, the nearest source of water was miles away.

However, after all the years of praying, we felt confident that God had finally given us the green light. Our time had finally come to begin helping families overcome their poverty and become self-sustaining. We knew deep inside that if God was in this, no obstacle was too great.

We thank God that the Ginger Project is thriving today. God provided everything we needed. The farming families never gave up in the midst of the drought. They fasted and prayed and were willing to walk long distances, again and again, to fetch the water they needed for their ginger plants. So many times we were able to drill a well nearby to help them.

Our first harvest is now just six weeks away. Finally, after ten months of trusting God and working with all their might, 192 farming families are excited and expectant that they are on their way to economically rebuilding their families and communities. It is really thrilling to hear them tell how farming ginger is going to change their lives.  

We give thanks to God for what He has done and remain utterly dependent on Him in the remaining weeks. We covet your prayers for His favor during the harvest and marketing process, and for His guidance as we make plans to expand this project to many more families in 2018.

A tremendous thanks to all those who made this life-changing project possible.

Betty McLelland