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Child Sponsorship changes lives!

In Northern Uganda and the slums of Kampala, vulnerable children are living unbearably hard lives. For many, food is scarce, shelter is inadequate, and they have no defense against disease. Even more, an opportunity for education is beyond their reach. This has left them with little hope to break the cycle of poverty and oppression in their lives. There is a loud call for the love and compassion of Christ.

Our Child Sponsorship Program is an answer to that call. It is a wholistic program that addresses not only the academic needs of the children but their spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs as well. Our Prayer is that each child would reach his or her God given potential in life.

We have Three Options for Child Sponsors:

1.      Sponsor a Child's Education   For $35 a month, you can give a child a chance to go to school. Your sponsorship will provide your child with school fees, a school uniform, sportswear, shoes, hot lunches, and school supplies.

  1. Sponsor a Child's Boarding   For $35 a month, you can stand with a child who has an education sponsor but also needs a boarding sponsor.  Boarding school is not necessary for all our children, but it is for those who are in crisis or live where there is not a good school nearby.  As a boarding sponsor, you will provide your child with housing, tutoring, bedding, hygiene supplies and extra meals.
  2. Sponsor a Child's Education and Boarding For $70 a month, you can sponsor both the education and boarding needs of a child.


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