Child Development


We are passionate about caring for children and believe that our love for them is a reflection of God's heart. Scripture is filled with passages expressing His great love and concern for the orphaned and destitute. We count it our greatest privilege to be His love to them.

We care for our children holistically by nurturing their spiritual, physical, and mental growth. Our goal is that they would experience healing and restoration and be prepared for lives of service that will exalt Christ in their families, communities and nation.

We have 5 initiatives in our Child Development Program:

  1. Child Sponsorship

  2. Jireh Children's Home

  3. Holiday Camps

  4. School Partnerships

  5. Children's Chapel



1. Child Sponsorship


We thank God for the impact of child sponsors! Through their support, children are breaking the cycle of poverty that has defined their families for so long. Families are being lifted up and hope is being restored in a way that is having a significant impact on communities.

As a child sponsor, you can provide a child with an education. But more importantly, you are opening the door of opportunity for your child to hope and dream and reach their God-given potential in life. Child Sponsorship is a way to really change a life.


2. Jireh Children’s Home


There are over two million orphans in Uganda, the highest proportion of AIDS orphans in the world. They are among the most vulnerable people in the world, knowing nothing but a daily grind of survival.

We opened Jireh Children’s Home at the end of 2010 as an outreach to such children. The children who came into the home were from backgrounds defined by death, pain, abandonment, abuse, poverty, disease, and hopelessness.

But today, they are living proof that love wins out!!! That is why we do what we do . . . we believe the love of Jesus can change anything. His love is doing that in their lives, and we believe there are many more destitute children for us to touch in His name in the days ahead.

In 2016, we completed the construction of our first permanent home for twelve children, with plans to build and support another home. We thank God that all our children in the home have education sponsors and that the operational cost of the home is provided for each year by those who sponsor and participate in our golf tournament.

Our greatest need right now is for a playground. It would be used by the children at Jireh Children’s Home as well as all the surrounding village children. The costs of constructing the playground is $2,000.


3. Holiday Camps


Holiday Camps are among the most exciting days for our children. We conduct our camps three times a year when children are on school holiday. For two days, they come from all over their communities to experience a blast of fun, laughter, and Bible teaching. They play new games, act out dramas, sing catchy songs, and most importantly, they learn about Jesus. For many, it is a life-changing event.
We give thanks to God that the children are turning out in large numbers and for the way they are responding to the gospel.

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4. School Partnerships

IMG_0573 2.jpg

We work hard to give our children the best education we can with an emphasis on a Christian worldview, character building, and strong academics. Therefore, we select the best available schools for our children to attend, and assist those schools with our discipleship training and character building program.

However, this is not always enough, as many of our communities have no good primary school available for their children to attend. We can send some of those children to boarding school, but there are so many children we must leave behind.

As a response, we have built our first school in partnership with one of our strongest churches. The school is called NISSI Christian School. We have a dream that this school, and others like it in the future, will be among the best primary schools in the region. We have confidence that our village children can achieve excellence if given the chance.  

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 5. Children's Chapel


When we moved our ministry headquarters to the community of Akalo in 2016, we soon discovered that the surrounding village children did not have a church. They would swarm around our van on Sunday mornings, asking to go to church with us. We thank God that we were able to construct a chapel later that year that provides those children, and many more, with a place to worship and learn about Jesus.

Our children are working hard to memorize Scripture. Would you bless a boy or girl by giving them their own copy of God’s Word?